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Bagua Self-Defense DVD

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This is the first step in learning to defend yourself with Baguazhang. The DVD contains 1 hour 40 minutes of step-by-step instruction from Sifu Ken Gullette in the concepts, principles, techniques, and body mechanics that will teach you to begin using Bagua for self-defense.

You'll learn 25 different ways of achieving the three goals of Bagua, which is to uproot, unbalance, and control your opponent's center.

You'll also learn 23 Key Words (principles) and how they're used in self-defense. If you don't know what they mean now, you will when you study this DVD -- principles such as wrapping, boring, rotating, turning, leading, carrying away, hooking, sticking, paring and many more.

Also, you will learn how to apply internal body mechanics to each technique. Ken clearly explains more than 130 self-defense techniques on this DVD. One of the most important things you will learn is that Bagua does not rely on mystical abilities or an invisible energy called "chi." Like any fighting art, it relies on specific skills and a lot of practice.

The cost is only $19.99 with FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the world -- plus a money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

Watch Clip of Building Blocks of Bagua Self-Defense DVD Below:
Cost: $19.99
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