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Bagua Swimming Body Form DVD

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bagua swimming body dvd

This DVD offers 90 minutes of demonstration and detailed instruction, step-by-step, through this advanced Cheng style Baguazhang form. The Swimming Body form is difficult to learn but an amazing amount of internal and martial information can be found hidden within its flowing, connected movements.

Sifu Ken Gullette focuses on instruction. You will learn with another student as Ken coaches the student through each movement, always with an emphasis on internal body mechanics that make Bagua such a powerful martial art. It may look smooth and flowing, circular and gentle, but each movement in the Swimming Body form is intended for self-defense.

Bagua was designed to defend yourself against multiple attackers. The art is known for lively, circular footwork and a constantly changing series of strikes, kicks, and movements that represent blocks, deflections, strikes, takedowns, throws and joint locks. This form is similar to the one taught by Master Liu Jingru.

When you buy this DVD, you will find out why some students around the world send messages to Ken saying things such as, "I have studied Liu Jingru's material and translations of his work but you provide a lot more detail." Others have said, "You hold nothing back."

This DVD costs only $19.99 and as with all of Ken's DVDs, there is FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the world and a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE if you are not satisfied in any way.

Watch Clip from Swimming Body DVD Below:
Cost: $19.99
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