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Chen Laojia Yilu Form DVD

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Go deeper into the form that is called the "essence" of Chen family Taijiquan. Laojia Yilu -- "Old Frame First Form" -- consists of 75 movements. This 2-disc DVD set shows you the complete form in front and back views, then Ken walks you step-by-step through the form in detail that members of his website have called "a revelation." Ken focuses on the internal body mechanics that make this such a graceful but powerful internal martial art. You will learn to infuse your movements with the Ground Path, Peng Jin, Whole-Body Movement, Silk-Reeling, Dan T'ien Rotation, and Opening/Closing the Kua.

Ken studied Laojia Yilu with Chen Xiaowang, Chen Xiaoxing, and their discipes. In these DVDs, which were painstakingly produced over one year, Ken steps you through the form and you also watch as he coaches a student who is new to the form. You will learn as you watch the student being corrected, and you will avoid bad habits.

This 2-disc set costs only $24.99 with FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the world and a no-hassle Money Back Guarantee if you do not believe that this instruction helped you take a step or two forward in learning this wonderful form -- the primary form of the Chen Village.

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"I really appreciate the Yilu DVD....referring to it again and again, you've truly done a great job there." -- Pete Louis

"Your DVD provides clear instructions, rich detail on specific movements and postures, a nice learning pace, and the DVD sound and video are good." -- Michael Garofalo

"Ken Gullette is one of the very few westerners who truly understand the internal arts but can explain them properly in English concisely and in a way that leaves you wanting more. I am a Ph.D. studet with lots of martial art experience, so therefore not easily fooled by mystical useless Kung Fu nonsense, but none of that with Ken who will give yu better instruction than 90% of other teachers out there because he truly loves, understands and lives the internal arts. Lastly, his DVDs (besides being awesome) are so have nothing to lose." -- Andrew Hill, Brisbane, Australia

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