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Chen Tai Chi Fighting Applications

3-DVD Set - Over 400 Self-Defense Applications

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An amazing amount of insight and knowledge for only $39.99. You'll learn more about the self-defense applications of Tai Chi in this 3-DVD set than you've ever learned before. You will learn to fight with tai chi.

Sifu Ken Gullette explores Laojia Yilu, a 75-movement form and the first major form in Chen Tai Chi. In this one form, he uncovers over 400 realistic and powerful fighting techniques (and no movements are repeated) that help you go from form to tai chi combat.

The fighting techniques in this form involve punches, palm strikes, kicks, knee strokes, shoulder and elbow strikes, chin-na, throws and takedowns. It's a complete fighting art in one form.

Ken goes even deeper than just the fighting applications. He explains and demonstrates the internal body mechanics that give these techniques their power.

These DVDs have been praised even by disciples of Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang. Since some movements are similar to those of other tai chi styles, any tai chi student and teacher will get insights into their art by watching the principles and techniques in these DVDs.

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Cost: $39.99

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