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If someone came up and tried to take you to the ground, could you defend yourself using Tai Chi energies and methods? Could you take an attacker to the ground using Tai Chi, without resorting to muscular force or "wrestling?"

Ken Gullette began working on these skills after doing push hands with Chen Xiaoxing in 2006 in Ken's basement. Time after time, Grandmaster Chen would put Ken on the ground almost effortlessly. It took about 10 times of being thrown on his back before Ken began understanding what was happening. Chen Xiaoxing was breaking his structure and taking control of his center, and there was nothing he could do about it.

The "energies" of Tai Chi include: ward-off - roll back - press - push - pluck - split - bump (shoulder) - elbow - empty - advance - withdraw - and more.

On this DVD, Ken works with students and takes you into a workshop to explain how each of these energies is used in self-defense. The word "energy" has been misinterpreted. Each energy is a "method" of dealing with an opponent's force. It is not mystical, it is physical, and this DVD will give you new insights that will take your Tai Chi to a new level. A lot of the video on this DVD includes demonstrations with partners who are NOT cooperating!

When an opponent grabs you, he should not find your center, but you should be able to find his center quickly and take control of it. Ken explains this step-by-step. This DVD could save you years of time and thousands of dollars, studying with Tai Chi teachers who do not know this material (or who will not teach it).

Running time is 2 hours 23 minutes. Cost of the DVD is ONLY $24.99.

FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the world! Money-back guarantee if not satisfied. Note: International DVDs are shipped without plastic cases due to a recent tripling of international mail rates.


Cost - $24.99

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"While I had spent many years in the martial arts with an emphasis on tai chi and bagua, my instructors either were not aware of the principles in this DVD, or only taught these principles indirectly. This DVD is a gold mine of information. It explains the concepts of 'ground path', peng, spiralling/silk-reeling, and full body motion in clear and concise terms. He gives solid non-mystical reasons behind the effectiveness of the body mechanics that he describes, and shows in great detail how to incorporate these concepts into your practice.

I have many martial arts instructional videos in my library, and I can't think of another DVD that has impacted my internal arts practice as much as the "Internal Strength" DVD. This DVD changed the way I did all of my internal martial arts forms. I could have saved literally months to years of hard work if I had known about the concepts explained in this video when I started my training.

I highly recommend this DVD for all practitioners of tai chi, hsing-I, and bagua. If you don't learn anything new from this DVD, you are very, very fortunate indeed to have had great teachers and you are far luckier than I. For everyone else, this DVD needs to be on your shelf and in your DVD player." -- Evan Yeung, Cincinnati, OH


"Practicing principles that I wish I knew about when I started Taichi more than 12 years ago. Ken has explained the internal strength principles in plain English and illustrated them clearly in the video. There is no mysticism involved but clear body mechanics to train. Once the principles are understood, Taichi (or any internal arts) practice will become very meaningful and fulfilling.

Based on my experience and observations, even if you pay 100s or even 1000s of dollars taking hours of lessons with a qualified instructor, you may not be able get the same clarity on how to practice as compared to what you can get from this video." -- Lim Liau Yuan

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