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Hsing-I Fighting Applications of the Five Fist Postures DVD

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This DVD contains two-and-a-half hours of detailed instruction on the fighting applications of the Hsing-I five fist postures. Regardless of your style of Hsing-I (also spelled Xingyi), you will learn applications and body mechanics that will give you additional insights into your Hsing-I.

You will go into a workshop setting and learn as students are coached through the techniques and the body mechanics that make the fist postures a powerful foundation for this great fighting art. You will see how each fist posture is adapted to defend against punches, kicks, grabs, and other attacks.

Several self-defense techniques are demonstrated for each fist posture, including hand strikes, punches, kicks, blocks, deflections, joint locks and takedowns. Ken and his students have won dozens of trophies in competition with Hsing-I Chuan.

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Cost: $19.99

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