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Hsing-I Staff Form DVD

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This DVD teaches a powerful Hsing-I staff form that captures the essence of the five fist postures (five elements) -- splitting, drilling, crushing, pounding (exploding), and crossing. In this DVD -- an hour and a half of instruction -- you'll see front and rear views of the complete form, plus a breakdown of each movement along with instruction by Sifu Ken Gullette.

Then, you'll join a class to learn each of the form's movements with an emphasis on body mechanics. Practice along with Ken as he teaches his students the form. Next, you'll join a class as students learn fighting applications for each movement. Ken believes that learning a weapons form is ridiculous if you don't learn how to use the weapon for self-defense.

As a SPECIAL BONUS, there's a section on the DVD where Ken leads a student in basic fighting techniques with the staff -- basic blocks, stances, grips, strikes, and one-steps. These techniques can be used by any martial artist in any style.

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Cost: $19.99

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