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Hsing-I Straight Sword Form DVD

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This DVD on the Hsing-I Chuan Straight Sword Form offers more than an hour of instruction that will teach you a powerful Hsing-I weapons form, plus sword-fighting self-defense applications and basic straight sword techniques. As in his other DVDs, Sifu Ken Gullette goes much deeper than just repeated movements. He gives you real instruction, with a focus on internal body mechanics that make Hsing-I (also spelled Xingyi) such a strong and effective martial art.

Ken believes that if you are going to learn a martial arts weapons form, you should also learn how to fight with the weapon. Besides multiple angles of the complete form, you'll get detailed instruction for each movement in the form, plus a section that explains fighting applications for each movement. This will deepen your understanding of the form and also the combat use of the straight sword.

You will also learn one-step routines for practicing deflections and strikes with a partner, how to use the scabbard in combat, and also basic techniques for the straight sword -- deflections, blocks, cutting techniques, thrusts, and all these techniques are useful for any martial art that uses a straight sword.

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Cost: $19.99

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