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Internal Strength and Silk-Reeling Skills Give You the Foundation for the Internal Arts!

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Internal Strength DVD - The Foundation of the Arts

What is Tai Chi, Hsing-I and Bagua? They are martial arts that depend upon unique movement -- internal strength. This highly-praised DVD focuses on one of the most important physical skills you need to do high-quality Tai Chi Chuan, Hsing-I Chuan or Baguazhang---establishing and maintaining the ground path. If you haven't been taught these skills, you're not doing internal arts.

In this DVD, revised and expanded from the original, Sifu Ken Gullette demonstrates 25 internal strength exercises with a partner, showing you how to practice at home. He also clearly demonstrates three other key skills needed in the internal arts---peng jin, whole-body movement, and silk-reeling energy, Dan T'ien rotation and opening/closing the kua.

Cost of the DVD is ONLY $19.99. FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the world! Money-back guarantee if not satisfied. Note: International DVDs are shipped without plastic cases due to a recent tripling of international mail rates.

Only $19.99

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internal strength kindle ebook

Internal Strength - Kindle Ebook

Only $4.99 -- this ebook has 65 photos and detailed instruction. It is the perfect portable reference as you develop the body mechanics for Taiji, Xingyi and Bagua. Read it on your computer, laptop, smartphone, including iPad, iPhone and Android -- all you need is the free Kindle app. Take it anywhere! This ebook is only available through Amazon. Click the link on the right to go to the Amazon page for this great Internal Strength ebook.

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Silk-Reeling Energy -- 2 1/2 Hours of Instruction

You will learn silk-reeling energy from this newly revised DVD. It clearly explains chan su jin -- silk-reeling energy -- step-by-step with clear, detailed instruction, and sweeps away the misconceptions of this important physical skill. Silk-reeling energy is one of the unique aspects of Chen Tai Chi, although it was lost by many of the people practicing other styles over time. It's also a key component of Baguazhang. It is sometimes referred to as "reeling silk" or "chan ssu jin." Many people are taught incorrectly. It is not metaphysical. It's a physical skill.

On this DVD, Sifu Gullette demonstrates and guides you through 19 silk-reeling exercises, focusing on the body mechanics for this powerful spiraling movement through the body. He coaches a student on several of the movements, and there are scenes from a workshop Ken held in Illinois.

As a bonus, there is a section on pole-shaking, an important exercise that helps you develop skills that you need for good internal arts--using the kua, opening and closing, rotating the dan t'ien and whole-body movement.

The DVD is 2 1/2 hours long and costs only $19.99. Money-back guarantee if not satisfied. FREE SHIPPING!

Note: International DVDs are shipped without plastic cases due to a recent tripling of international mail rates.

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Only $19.99

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silk reeling energy kindle ebook
Silk-Reeling Energy -- Kindle Ebook

A companion to the DVD set, this ebook has 173 new photos and detailed description guiding you through 18 silk-reeling exercises that are crucial for developing internal skill for tai chi, bagua, and hsing-i. Silk-reeling energy is a physical skill, not metaphysical. The ebook costs $4.99 and is available through Amazon. If you have a Kindle or the free Kindle app, it will play on any device, including smartphones, Android tablets, iPhone and iPad.

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Note: International DVDs are shipped without plastic cases due to a recent tripling of international mail rates.


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