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Bagua Elk Horn Knives Form 2-DVD Set

Also called Deer Horn Knives or Mandarin Duck Knives

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Bagua elk horn knives are also called Deer Horn Knives or Mandarin Duck Knives, because like elk horns, deer horns and mandarin ducks, they are always seen in pairs. These are incredibly effective weapons when they are used to defend against other traditional martial arts weapons.

On this 2-DVD set, Ken Gullette will teach you this Cheng-style form, step-by-step, with incredible detail on the movements, the body mechanics, and the "intent" of the movements.

Disc 1 offers 2 1/2 hours of detailed instruction like you have never seen on this form. Two complete views of the form -- one from a front view at normal speed and the other from a rear view in slow motion. Ken takes each section and breaks down the movements with an emphasis on internal body mechanics. Then, you will watch as Ken coaches a student through each movement of the section. You will learn as Ken corrects the student's mistakes. It is the next best thing to attending a live class.

Disc 2 breaks down fighting applications for each movement in the form. Ken believes if you are going to learn a weapons form, you need to know how it is used in combat against various traditional weapon. This DVD will teach you the "intent" of each movement.

This DVD costs only $24.99 and as with all of Ken's DVDs, there is FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the world and a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE if you are not satisfied in any way.

Watch Clip from Elk Horn Knives DVDs Below:
Cost: $24.99
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