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Chen 38 Form DVD

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This 2-DVD set contains four hours of instruction and goes deeper into the Chen 38 than any DVD on the market. Sifu Ken Gullette focuses on the body mechanics and how to apply key internal arts skills -- the ground path, peng jin, whole-body movement, silk-reeling energy, use of the kua and dan t'ien rotation.

In over 4 hours of instruction, you'll see complete demonstrations of the form -- front and rear views. Each movement is broken down with specific, detailed instruction with a focus on internal body mechanics. PLUS -- you'll learn an amazing 173 self-defense techniques hidden within the 38 movements of this form.

Go inside a workshop held by Sifu Gullette and learn with the group as he shows martial artists of all styles how to perform the movements and the self-defense applications. He also coaches his own students through the techniques.

The Chen 38 form was created by Chen Xiaowang. Ken has learned from Chen Xiaowang, Chen Xiaoxing, and their students, including Jim and Angela Criscimagna and Mark Wasson. Ken has also worked on the Chen 38 with one of Chen Xiaowang's senior disciples, Ren Guangyi.

The 2-DVD set is ONLY $24.99. As usual, there is a money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied for any reason. FREE SHIPPING!

Cost: $24.99

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