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Hsing-I 12 Animal Forms DVD

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Hsing-I 12 animals


This DVD contains two hours of detailed instruction on the 12 individual animal forms of Hsing-I Chuan (also spelled Xingiquan). As usual, Sifu Ken Gullette goes deep into internal body mechanics and fighting applications that make Hsing-I such an explosive, powerful art for self-defense.

On this DVD, you will get detailed coaching, step-by-step, on each of the Xingyi 12 animal forms, plus you'll go into a class as Ken teaches his students the fighting applications, again with an emphasis on body mechanics. It's one of the most effective ways to learn complex internal movements and techniques.

The animal forms include Dragon, Tiger, Monkey, Horse, Water Lizard, Chicken, Harrier (Hawk), Swallow, Snake, Ostrich, Eagle and Bear. Each of them includes fist postures and various "energies" and methods that seek to capture the fighting essence of an animal from Chinese culture and mythology.

You can study for years and spend hundreds of dollars to learn the amazing information provided on this DVD for only $19.99.

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Sample Clip from DVD -- The 12 Animals of Hsing-I Chuan



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