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Chen Straight Sword Form DVD

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chen taiji straight sword form dvd


Learn the Chen Tai Chi Straight Sword form. This DVD contains nearly two hours of detailed instruction. Go inside a workshop with Sifu Ken Gullette as he teaches the Chen Straight Sword Form step-by-step, with an emphasis - as always - on internal body mechanics. There are also demonstrations of the complete form from front and rear views.

The Chen Straight Sword form has 49 movements. It is a smooth, flowing form that can be performed slowly, but it is intended to be performed at an athletic pace -- fast and explosive with fajin. Each movement in the form is designed for combat. This DVD explores and teaches the movements, but there are a few self-defense applications included along the way.

This is the most in-depth instruction on this sword form that you will find on DVD. Each movement is broken down so you can learn the complete form from start to finish. Ken's teaching style has been praised by martial artists around the world for being "realistic, straight-forward, with a touch of humor."

The cost of the DVD is only $19.99, including FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the world, and a money-back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied.

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Cost: $19.99

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